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Office of Academic Programs

The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Office of Academic Programs provides personalized service to our students, faculty, and staff in all areas relating to academic services, programs, policies, and procedures. This encompasses providing effective guidance, programming, and administration, so that students can maximize the educational opportunities available at the school and make critical decisions regarding education, career, and life goals.

The academic deans assist students in understanding the policies and procedures; wading through the range of majors, minors, and certificate programs available at the school; and guiding them to opportunities for undergraduate research, internships, study abroad opportunities, and as other academic experiences available at the school and Rutgers. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Academic Programs

  1. Major Programs
  2. Minors and Certificate Programs
  3. Graduate Programs
  1. Aresty Research Center
  2. Distance Education Courses
  3. Combined Degree Programs
  4. Continuing Professional Education
  5. Honors Programs
  6. International Programs
  7. Military Education
  8. Pre-Professional Programs
  9. Program in Science Learning
  10. Special Programs/EOF
  11. Student to Professional Internship Network (SPIN)
  12. Study Abroad Programs

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