Administration Personnel Directory

Office of Academic Programs

Photo: Richard D. Ludescher.

Richard D. Ludescher
Dean of Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 216

Rick Ludescher is responsible for all undergraduate and graduate programs, budget, and general administration for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Photo: Phyllis Willence.

Phyllis Willence
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Martin Hall, Room 215

Phyllis Willence provides administrative support to Dean Rick Ludescher and serves as departmental administrator. She also serves as the coordinator for SEBS Convocation, Baccalaureate, Freshmen Induction Ceremony and the Annual Excellence Awards.

No Photo Available.

Thomas Leustek
Associate Dean of Academic Administration
Martin Hall, Room 221

Thomas Leustek is responsible for the administrative aspects of undergraduate education at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, including course and curriculum revisions, teaching assistant and part-time lecturer allocations, articulations with New Jersey community colleges, and assessment of school academic programs.

Photo: Robert M. Hills.

Robert M. Hills
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 214

Bob Hills is responsible for the day to day operations of the Academic Services component of the Office of Academic Programs. This encompasses advising, registration, admissions, recruitment, scholastic standing, degree certification/graduation and all areas related to academic policies, procedures and programs.

Photo: Carol Andrew.

Carol Andrew
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 204

Carol Andrew is responsible for the coordination of transfer student programs including the evaluation of transcripts, course registration, advising and maintains the transfer database. Carol advises pre-medical and pre-dental students. She also assists in the coordination and delivery of recruitment activities, orientations, faculty course evaluations, and general advising.

Photo: Penny Carlson.

Penny Carlson
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 202

Penny Carlson is responsible for tracking students' graduation status in conjunction with academic departments. She coordinates the production of the commencement bulletin and organizes student participation in the graduation ceremony. Additionally she does general advising, assists with recruitment, student programs and orientations, and also maintains our programs in Rutgers Degree Navigator.

Photo: Michelle Neumyer.

Michelle Neumyer
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 205

Michelle Neumyer assists with developing and managing new electronic means of student communications, assessment process, academic statistical reports, academic advising, recruitment, and support in all academic service related areas.

No Photo Available.

Sharice Richardson
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 204

Sharice Richardson is responsible for the coordination of first-year student academic programs, advising, and registration. She evaluates first year outside transcripts, international baccalaureate, and advanced placement credits. Sharice also assists the associate dean in the coordination and delivery of recruitment activities, and advises the SEBS Student Recruitment Committee.

No Photo Available.

Lee Schneider
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 211

Lee Schneider is responsible for undergraduate advising, working specifically with undecided students, Animal Science and Nutritional Science students prior to major selection. He also assists with recruitment activities, orientations and student organizations. Additionally he works with the Cook Campus Alumni Association and academic departments to help build community within Rutgers University and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Photo: Joseph Ventola.

Joseph Ventola
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 200

Joe Ventola is responsible for providing academic and career advising, degree checks and related administrative duties for all Rutgers students majoring in biological sciences. Joe directs the SEBS Scholarship Program and procedures associated with the disbursement of Dean’s undergraduate scholarships. He serves as the primary scholarship liaison for awards to the Financial Aid Office, Undergraduate Admissions Office and Student Accounting Services. He also counsels both first year and upper class students and assists with academic functions and events for the Office of Academic Programs.

No Photo Available.

Suzanne Sukhdeo
Coordinator, Student Success Initiative
Bartlett Hall, Room 217

Suzanne Sukhdeo is responsible for analysis and strategic planning for student retention. She sits on the Academic Retention Committee and the Rutgers-wide Student Success Committee.

No Photo Available.

Liaan Hess
Coordinator of Student Records
Martin Hall, Room 205

Liaan Hess supervises our records staff and work study students. She is responsible for the maintenance of student academic records, coordination of the registration, and first year student selection of major processes for School of Environmental and Biological Sciences students.

Honors Programs

Photo: Timothy M. Casey.

Timothy M. Casey
Director, SEBS General Honors Program
Loree Bldg., Room 038

Tim Casey teaches several courses and coordinates tutorial research and all activities for all students in the General Honors Program.

No Photo Available.

Malcolm Watford
Director, G. H. Cook Senior Honors Program
Thompson Hall, Room 130

Malcolm Watford is responsible for all aspects of program administration of the G. H. Cook Senior Honors Program, including oversight of registration, credits, and grades.

On-Line Education Initiative

Photo: Craig Phelps.

Craig Phelps
Coordinator of On-Line Education Initiative
732-932-9800, ext. 6224
ENRS Bldg., Room 236

Craig Phelps is responsible for providing support to faculty and staff who are interested in developing new online or hybrid courses and instructional materials.

Program in Science Learning

Photo: Rebecca Jordan.

Rebecca Jordan
Executive Director of the Program in Science Learning
Waller Hall, Room 209

Rebecca Jordan is responsible for overseeing two minor degree programs: Professional Youth Work and Development and Science Teacher Education (a gateway into the Graduate School of Education’s Teacher Certification program). Given that youth development and K-12 teaching are highly regulated fields, The Program in Science Learning serves an essential role in facilitating the necessary experiences for students to enter fields involved with youth and education. In addition, Rebecca is also an assistant professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources and maintains a research and outreach program where learning is studied in both people and fish.

Photo: Kimberly Peterson.

Kimberly Peterson
Waller Hall, Room 209

Kim Peterson is responsible for all administrative functions in the Program in Science Learning. She also serves as an initial advisor for students wanting to enter the program.

No Photo Available.

Terrance Reagan
Part-time Lecturer and Program Advisor
Waller Hall, Room 209

Terry Reagan is responsible for teaching courses primarily associated with the Professional Youth Work and Development minor. He also serves as an advisor for Program in Science Learning minors and as a liaison to the Graduate School of Education.

Photo: David Howe.

David Howe
Instructional Technology Specialist
Waller Hall, Room 209

David Howe is associated with the Program in Science Learning as an advisor for integrating technology into our educational projects.

Special Programs/EOF

Photo: Jenice Sabb.

Jenice Sabb
Assistant Dean for Special Programs
Martin Hall, Room 226

Photo: Jacqueline Moore.

Jacqueline Moore
Assistant Director for Special Programs/EOF Manager
Martin Hall, Room 226

Photo: Ileana D. Almaguer.

Ileana D. Almaguer
Senior Counselor for Special Programs
Martin Hall, Room 219

Photo: Zuri Obado.

Zuri Obado
Senior Counselor for Special Programs
Martin Hall

Student to Professional Internship Network

Photo: Kristen Lester.

Kristen Lester
Martin Hall, Room 211

Kristen Lester is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the SEBS SPIN Program. She also manages employer services, maintaining and expanding the program's network of employers.

Office of the Dean of Agricultural and Urban Programs

No Photo Available.

Lisa Chiariello
Master Gardener Coordinator
RCE of Sussex County

Interregional Research Project No. 4

No Photo Available.

Jerry Baron
Executive Director
732-932-9575, ext. 4605
IR-4 Project Headquarters

Jerry Baron oversees the research of 125 full time scientists at 31 field research farms and seven analytical laboratories nationwide with an operational budget of approximately $30 million US dollars. The goal of the IR-4 Project is to support the registration of safe and effective biological and chemical pesticides for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other specialty crops.

Office of Leadership and Organizational Development

No Photo Available.

Mary Powers Nikola
Director of Leadership and Organizational Development
Martin Hall, Room 303

Mary Nikola is responsible for implementation of leadership strategies, organizational development interventions and professional development programming for faculty, staff, customers and stakeholder groups for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Mary is the Director of the New Jersey Agriculture Leadership Development Program which is a two year leadership development initiative for New Jersey’s farmers and agri-business professionals. She is an adjunct faculty member of the Rutgers’ Center for Management Development teaching in Advanced Leadership, Human Resources Management Series, Leadership Development Certificate Series, and the Executive Mini MBA.

Office of the Dean of International Programs

No Photo Available.

Mukund Karwe
Dean of International Programs
Food Science Bldg., Room 221

Photo: Megan Francis.

Megan Francis
Assistant Dean
Foran Hall, Room Rm 306

Megan Francis works to provide international experiences both at home and away for SEBS students. To achieve this goal, Megan collaborates with the Dean of International Programs to increase student engagement in study abroad opportunities, international research initiatives, and through on campus events. Megan also works with partner institutions overseas to create new and exciting opportunities for study abroad in the sciences. She further serves as the main point of contact for the 2+2 and 3+2 dual degree programs with partner institutions in China.

Rutgers Gardens

No Photo Available.

Laura Lawson
Faculty Director
Rutgers Gardens Office

Photo: Bruce Crawford.

Bruce Crawford
Managing Director
Rutgers Gardens Office

Bruce Crawford is responsible for the general operations of Rutgers Gardens. This includes the day-to-day financial and personnel details, maintenance concerns within the Gardens, as well as interaction with faculty and staff of the university. He is responsible for the oversight of the long term planning and development of the Rutgers Gardens master plan and works closely with the development office at SEBS and the Rutgers Foundation to help provide the funding for the future development of the Gardens.

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