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Better Food, Health, and Nutrition for People and Animals

  [Endocrine Program]

Endocrine Program
Research Could Lead to Therapeutic Applications

Project Leader:
Dipak Sarkar

  [Genes Don't Tell the Whole Story]

Genes Don't Tell the Whole Story
Grandparents' Environment Affects Epigenome, Which May Also Affect You

Project Leader:
Mehmet Uzumcu

  [Nature's Health-Promoting Products]

Nature's Health-Promoting Products
Probiotics Could Help Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Project Leader:
Michael Chikindas

  [Understanding a Metabolism Disorder]

Understanding a Metabolism Disorder
A Rare Disease Could Lead to a New Understanding of Fat Metabolism

Project Leader:
Dawn Brasaemle

  [Young Minds Meet Young Horses]

Young Minds Meet Young Horses
Project Trains Future Scientists and Improves Equine Health

Project Leader:
Sarah Ralston

Climate Change: From Predictions to Solutions

  [What the Climate and Environmental Change Initiative Can Achieve]

What the Climate and Environmental Change Initiative Can Achieve

Project Leader:
Anthony Broccoli

Environmental Quality: The Earth and Its Oceans

  [A New Age of Ocean Research]

A New Age of Ocean Research
Rutgers Underwater Gliders Key to Environmental Stewardship

Project Leaders:
Scott Glenn and Oscar Schofield

  [Landscape Change Research Program]

Landscape Change Research Program
Generating Data to Understand a Global Phenomenon

Project Leaders:
Richard Lathrop and David Tulloch

Global Biodiversity and Bio-exploration

  [A New Paradigm of Drug Discovery]

A New Paradigm of Drug Discovery
Better and More Affordable Medicines for Everyone

Project Leader:
Ilya Raskin

Natural Resource Stewardship

  [Restoring Our Urban Environments]

Restoring Our Urban Environments
Growing the Seeds for Land Revival

Project Leader:
Steven Handel

  [Saving Our Rare Bird Species]

Saving Our Rare Bird Species
Management Plans for Bird Conservation

Project Leader:
Julie Lockwood

  [The Life Cycle and Habits of PCBs]

The Life Cycle and Habits of PCBs
Is Dredging the Solution or Part of the Problem?

Project Leader:
Lisa Rodenburg

Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources

  [Designing a Homegrown Energy Source]

Designing a Homegrown Energy Source
Is Switchgrass the Answer to Our Energy Needs?

Project Leader:
Stacy Bonos

  [There's Energy in Algae!]

There's Energy in Algae!
"Algaculture" Could Be the Energy Industry of the Future

Project Leader:
Paul Falkowski

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