Administration Personnel Directory

Office of Academic Programs

Photo: Laura Lawson.

Laura Lawson
Dean of Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 216

Laura Lawson is responsible for all undergraduate and graduate programs, budget, and general administration for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Photo: Carol Andrew.

Carol Andrew
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 204

Carol Andrew is responsible for the coordination of transfer student programs including the evaluation of transcripts, course registration, advising and maintains the transfer database. Carol advises pre-medical and pre-dental students. She also assists in the coordination and delivery of recruitment activities, orientations, faculty course evaluations, and general advising.

Photo: Penny Carlson.

Penny Carlson
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 202

Penny Carlson is responsible for tracking students' graduation status in conjunction with academic departments. She coordinates the production of the commencement bulletin and organizes student participation in the graduation ceremony. Additionally she does general advising, assists with recruitment, student programs and orientations, and also maintains our programs in Rutgers Degree Navigator.

Photo: Latisha Crubaugh.

Latisha Crubaugh
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Martin Hall, Room 215

The senior administrative assistant provides administrative support to the dean of academic programs and serves as departmental administrator. This position also serves as the coordinator for SEBS Convocation, Baccalaureate, First-Year Student Induction Ceremony, and the Annual Excellence Awards.

No Photo Available.

Christina Kaunzinger
Faculty Coordinator, Living Labs
Blake Hall, Room 100

Photo: Thomas Leustek.

Thomas Leustek
Associate Dean of Academic Administration and Assessment
Martin Hall, Room 221

Thomas Leustek is responsible for the administrative aspects of undergraduate education at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, including course and curriculum revisions, teaching assistant and part-time lecturer allocations, articulations with New Jersey community colleges, and assessment of school academic programs.

Photo: Xenia K. Morin.

Xenia K. Morin
Senior Associate Dean for Learning
IFNH, Room Suite 220

Xenia Morin undertakes special projects related to curriculum innovation and resource mobilization to enhance our academic programs as well as enhancing faculty and staff training and development.

Photo: Liaan Pechera.

Liaan Pechera
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 205

Liaan Pechera provides administration and communication support as well as student advising in the Office of Academic Programs at SEBS. Her efforts in administration and communication support ensures that the OAP functions smoothly and efficiently within an increasingly electronic and online academic environment. In addition, she also advises students on range of topics such as academic issues, policies, major/minor selection, student responsibilities, and procedures. She maintains and oversees electronic and software infrastructure such as MyMajor and Perceptive Content, and manages effective use of SSC Campus, Simphony, etc. Moreover, she provides support for the Associate Dean in developing and planning of technological and procedural strategies to enhance and streamline the administrative function of the OAP. She also supervises workflow and activities for the principal secretary at the OAP.

Photo: Sharice Richardson.

Sharice Richardson
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 204

Sharice Richardson is responsible for the coordination of first-year student academic programs, advising, and registration. She evaluates first year outside transcripts, international baccalaureate, and advanced placement credits. Sharice also assists the associate dean in the coordination and delivery of recruitment activities, and advises the SEBS Student Recruitment Committee.

No Photo Available.

Serafina Smith
Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Advising
Martin Hall, Room 205

Photo: Judith Storch.

Judith Storch
Dean for Undergraduate Education for the George H. Cook Campus
Cook Student Center, Room 127

Judith Storch is the Campus Dean for Cook Undergraduates, advisor for the SEBS Governing Council, and a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences on G. H. Cook Campus. Dean Storch works closely with students, faculty, and staff to create lively, cohesive, diverse, and inclusive communities on campus. She facilitates the implementation of academic and social programs for students, such as leadership breakfasts and research mixers.

No Photo Available.

Suzanne Sukhdeo
Coordinator, Student Success Initiative
Bartlett Hall, Room 217

Suzanne Sukhdeo is responsible for analysis and strategic planning for student retention. She sits on the Academic Retention Committee and the Rutgers-wide Student Success Committee.

No Photo Available.

Meredith Taylor
Research Associate, Ag and Urban Programs
Blake Hall, Room 117

Photo: Julie Traxler.

Julie Traxler
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Martin Hall

Julie Traxler is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Academic Services component of the Office of Academic Programs. This encompasses advising, registration, admissions, recruitment, scholastic standing, degree certification/graduation and all areas related to academic policies, procedures and programs.

No Photo Available.

Romal Vaidya
Coordinator of Academic Services and Student Records
Martin Hall, Room 205

Romal Vaidya supervises and trains our records staff and federal work study students. She is responsible for the maintenance of student academic records, coordination of registration, first year student selection of major processes, and provides general advising for SEBS students. Romal also assists deans with transfer credit evaluations using RU Transfer, maintenance of MyMajor, evaluates operations of Perceptive Content and ImageNow, assists deans with graduation procedures such as determining honors awards, and represents SEBS in the school’s recruitment and advising efforts.

Photo: Joseph Ventola.

Joseph Ventola
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 200

Joe Ventola is responsible for providing academic and career advising, degree checks and related administrative duties for all Rutgers students majoring in biological sciences. Joe directs the SEBS Scholarship Program and procedures associated with the disbursement of Dean’s undergraduate scholarships. He serves as the primary scholarship liaison for awards to the Financial Aid Office, Undergraduate Admissions Office and Student Accounting Services. He also counsels both first year and upper class students and assists with academic functions and events for the Office of Academic Programs.

Educational Opportunity Fund

Photo: Jenice Sabb.

Jenice Sabb
Assistant Dean for Special Programs
Martin Hall, Room 226

Photo: Jacqueline Moore.

Jacqueline Moore
Assistant Director for Special Programs/EOF Manager
Martin Hall, Room 226

Photo: Ileana D. Almaguer.

Ileana D. Almaguer
Senior Counselor for Special Programs
Martin Hall, Room 219

Photo: Damarys Romero.

Damarys Romero
Martin Hall

Photo: Edrice Wyatt.

Edrice Wyatt
Senior Counselor
Martin Hall

Photo: Martha Estevez.

Martha Estevez
Administrative Assistant
Martin Hall

Honors Programs

Photo: Jason Grabosky.

Jason Grabosky
Director, General Honors Program
80 Nichol Ave.

No Photo Available.

John Reinfelder
Director, G. H. Cook Senior Honors Program
ENRS Bldg., Room 260

Hutcheson Memorial Forest Center

No Photo Available.

Myla Aronson
ENRS Bldg., Room 101

Rutgers Ecological Preserve

No Photo Available.

Richard G. Lathrop
Faculty Director
ENRS Bldg., Room 129

Rutgers Gardens

No Photo Available.

Lena Struwe
Faculty Director
Rutgers Gardens Office

Photo: Bruce Crawford.

Bruce Crawford
Managing Director
Rutgers Gardens Office

Bruce Crawford is responsible for the general operations of Rutgers Gardens. This includes the day-to-day financial and personnel details, maintenance concerns within the Gardens, as well as interaction with faculty and staff of the university. He is responsible for the oversight of the long term planning and development of the Rutgers Gardens master plan and works closely with the development office at SEBS and the Rutgers Foundation to help provide the funding for the future development of the Gardens.

Student to Professional Internship Network

Photo: Kristen Lester.

Kristen Lester
Senior Program Coordinator
Martin Hall, Room 211

Kristen Lester is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the SEBS SPIN Program. She also manages employer services, maintaining and expanding the program's network of employers.

Office of the Dean of International Programs

Photo: Mukund Karwe.

Mukund Karwe
Dean of International Programs
Food Science and Nutritional Sciences Bldg. East, Room 122

Mukund Karwe is engaged in expanding the international agenda for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. This includes increasing the opportunities for undergraduates to spend a semester or summer abroad in programs that fit within their curriculum and enhance their educational goals, highlighting and supporting the many international activities among the faculty that already exist within the school, and cultivating an international community at the school. He serves as a resource for students and faculty seeking information on international opportunities.

Photo: Megan Francis.

Megan Francis
Assistant Dean
Food Science and Nutritional Sciences Bldg. East, Room 122

Megan Francis works to provide international experiences both at home and away for SEBS students. To achieve this goal, Megan collaborates with the Dean of International Programs to increase student engagement in study abroad opportunities, international research initiatives, and through on campus events. Megan also works with partner institutions overseas to create new and exciting opportunities for study abroad in the sciences. She further serves as the main point of contact for the 2+2 and 3+2 dual degree programs with partner institutions in China.

Photo: Hyunjin Yeo.

Hyunjin Yeo
Program Coordinator
Food Science and Nutritional Sciences Bldg. East, Room 122

Hyunjin Yeo is the main point of contact for both undergraduate and graduate-level international students at SEBS. She works with various departments on campus to ensure a smooth application and enrollment process for incoming international students. Hyunjin also assists the current international student community in adjusting to life on campus by enhancing outreach and engagement efforts.