Junior/Senior Colloquium

Colloquium: An academic meeting at which one or more specialists deliver addresses on a topic or on related topics and then answer questions. (Webster's Dictionary)

The SEBS Junior/Senior Colloquium is designed to be an integrative educational experience for students concluding their undergraduate studies (i.e., seniors and second-semester juniors). A colloquium should enable students from diverse academic backgrounds to work cooperatively on well-defined problems in the school's mission areas.

Each student is expected to synthesize the information and techniques learned in his or her previous courses and to apply this knowledge to the specific problem being examined by the colloquium. In this process of working cooperatively with peers who have majored in different curricular areas and thus have different capabilities and interests, it is expected that students will gain greater appreciation for the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to understanding complex problems facing society, and that they will enhance their problem-solving skills in dealing with them.