High-Throughput Screening

Photo of Singer RoToR HDA.

SGA Robotics: RoToR HDA

Unit Description

The RoToR HDA is a very small benchtop robot for easy ultra-fast manipulation of high density arrays of yeast or bacteria. It can use reagent sets such as the yeast deletion mutant collections and the complete set of cloned yeast genes for large-scale yeast two-hybrid, synthetic genetic array, phenotypic, and chemical-genetic screening analysis. The RoToR uses plastic replica plating pads and supports liquid pinning to and from 96- and 384-well microtitre plates and agar pinning at densities 96, 384, 768, 1536, 3072, and 6144.

  • The RoToR HDA is very fast and can process up to 100 plates per hour
  • It is user-friendly and is very easy to use
  • It supports 96- and 384-well liquid-liquid / liquid-agar / agar-liquid spotting
  • It allows replication, arraying, mating and breakdown at 96, 384, 768 and 1536 density
  • Can dispense to and from solid or liquid media in 96- and 384-well formats with a throughput of up to 100 plates per hour
  • It is compatible with all SBS format plates/trays and shallow multi-well plates

Manufacturer's Specifications

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Photo of BioTek Synergy™ 4 Multi-detection Microplate reader.

BioTek Synergy™ 4 Multi-detection Microplate reader

BioTek Synergy™ 4 is a modular microplate reader that offers Monochromator-Based Fluorescence Intensity (M); Filter-Based Top and Bottom Fluorescence Intensity (F); Fluorescence Polarization (P); Time-Resolved Fluorescence (T); Luminescence (L); UV-Visible Absorbance (A); and Dual Reagent Injection System (D).

With its unique Hybrid Technology TM optics, the Synergy 4 covers more applications than any other reader on the market. The hybrid fluorescence system comes with two double-grating monochromators, two excitation filters (360/40, 485/20 nm default), three emission filters (460/40, 528/20, 620/40 nm default) and three mirrors (50%, 400 nm half-size and 510 nm full-size default). Temperature control system and shaking are standard.

Gen5™ software is included with all models.

Additional filter sets include:

  • 485/20 EX (EGFP)
  • 516/20 EM (EGFP)
  • 540/35 EX (RFP)
  • 600/40 EM (RFP)
  • 360/40 EX (DAPI)
  • 460/40 EM (DAPI)
  • 590/20 EX (Texas Red)
  • 645/40 EM (Texas Red)

Manufacturer's Specifications

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Rates and Availability

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