Resources for Students

The Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences offers numerous support services to ease students' transition to the college environment and to help them achieve academic success. Among these are:

Office of Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 206
Provides academic advising, information about college policies and procedures, recruitment, scholastic standing, anything pertaining to academic programs/services and help with problems and questions relating to a student's academic program.

Career Services
46 College Avenue
Offers individual career counseling, group workshops on career choice, and a library of career information. This office can help a student determine an appropriate major and can tell you about career possibilities in that major, design their résumé, and locate employment opportunities.

Counseling Services
61 Nichol Ave.
Provides personal and psychological counseling and sponsors workshops on a variety of topics relevant to college life. Its services are free and confidential.

Educational Opportunity Fund
Martin Hall, Room 211
Provides academic counseling and support for minority students, newly admitted students, and Carr scholars. The services include individual academic counseling, peer support and group workshops, free individualized tutoring, financial aid, and career counseling.

Rutgers Learning Centers
Loree Classroom Bldg., Room 124
Individualized learning assistance, peer tutoring, study groups, supplemental instruction, computer-assisted instruction.

Rutgers Writing Program
135 George St.
Provides one-on-one help with writing problems in any subject. Students can walk in or call to make an appointment. The service is free.

Math and Science Learning Center
Chemistry Building
Provides free tutors, old exams, photocopiers, class handouts, a textbook library, video of homework solutions, topical tapes, and computers. These centers offer a friendly atmosphere and a place for students to interact and study.

Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering
Chemistry Annex, Room 114
Provides academic support and peer study groups for women pursuing studies in the math and science areas.

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