Entomology Graduate Program

Program Info

The keystone of the Graduate Program in Entomology at Rutgers University is individual research projects performed by graduate students under close supervision by faculty in the Departments of Entomology, Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Environmental and Occupational Health, and Plant Science, as well as several Research Centers including the Center for Turfgrass Science, and the Biotechnology Center leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

This intensive research training program is complemented with formal course work. A Ph.D. course of study includes courses in Insect Structure and Function, Insect Taxonomy, Insect Collection, and Seminar in Entomology where the student is invited to present one seminar. Coursework also includes two additional entomology courses on subjects ranging from Insect Ecology to Toxicology of Pesticides. (For a complete list of these courses, see http://entomology.rutgers.edu/graduate/courses.)

The Department of Entomology, housing the Graduate Program in Entomology is located in Blake Hall, centrally on Cook campus, facilitating interactions with students and faculty in other SEBS Departments and Programs. The Department of Entomology includes a program in mosquito research, housed in the Headlee Laboratory Building, which currently emphasizes the ecology, behavior, and control of New Jersey mosquitoes in close collaborations with the 21 county mosquito control commissions in New Jersey.

Despite the input of faculty and advisors from a variety of life sciences departments and programs, the core of the Graduate Program in Entomology is focused in the faculty of the Department of Entomology including the Entomology Extension Specialists and associated entomologists, who participate in all research and teaching activities, assuring students of ready access to professional interactions with all faculty members. Faculty and students actively maintain collaborations with other universities as well as internationally.

Recent graduates have successfully found employment in government, academic, and corporate institutions.