International Scholarship Programs

Student in scuba gear in Little Cayman Islands.

Although the internet age can bring many parts of the world to us instantly on a computer screen or a telephone, the educational experience obtained with travel or study abroad is unique and unforgettable. Not only is there a special opportunity for culture and language exchange, all aspects of science and technology are being pursued and shared in a world that is steadily becoming smaller. It is a learning and living experience that can open our horizon and take us to exciting and enchanting locales.

For many students in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, it is difficult to spend a semester or year abroad. We are therefore encouraging our students to pursue an international experience with this special program designed for SEBS students. Providing more international learning opportunities is one of Executive Dean Robert Goodman's top initiatives, and this program is a step in that direction.

Scholarships will be provided to help defray the cost of the program fee for an international programs or internship up to a maximum of $5,000 for summer and winter programs and varied prizes for semester programs.

You must be a Rutgers undergraduate student at the time of your international experience to be considered for this scholarship.


  1. Language and culture only programs will not be considered.
  2. Find and select a program that will enhance and strengthen your curriculum studies and your educational goals. Then tell us how the program you selected will do this.
  3. A partial list of programs are provided to help you find something that would be suitable. You may find other programs not listed which would be acceptable, but please check with us beforehand if you want to do a program from a different organization.
  4. You must keep a journal or online blog during your time abroad. You are responsible for 3 journal or blog posts per (1) one week of programming. They should be at least 4 sentences long addressing your thoughts and experiences. Here are previous years' blogs.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Megan Francis
Assistant Dean
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Food Science Bldg. East, Suite 122