Information for Prospective 2+2 Students

Our 2+2 programs offer students the uniquely beneficial opportunity to broaden their worldview and advance their scientific knowledge from two internationally-renowned institutions.

A 2+2 program offers a double bachelor's degree from both Rutgers and one of several international partner institutions. Students in these double-degree programs complete the first two years of their bachelor's degree at their home institution, followed by two years of study at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Upon completion of all requirements from both institutions, the student receives two bachelor's degrees, one from each institution.

If you attend one of several international partner institutions, you are eligible for this exciting opportunity!

  • China Agricultural University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • Nanjing Agricultural University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • South China University of Technology: Food Science, Environmental Sciences, and Bio-Technology

Program Requirements for 2+2 Students

All students must be enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester. The minimum amount of credits to graduate from SEBS is 120, and students in 2+2 programs are eligible to transfer a maximum of 90 credits from their home institution.*

SEBS Common Core

2+2 students will be considered to have satisfied the requirements of the SEBS Common Core, except for the following three Common Core elements that must be satisfied by courses taken at Rutgers–New Brunswick:

  • Contemporary Challenges (CC): 3 credits
  • Experience-Based Education (EBE): 3 credits
  • Writing and Communication (WC 101 and WCD): 6 credits**

* The specific number of credits and courses transferred to Rutgers depends on an agreement with each institution.

**English Writing Courses

Students must take a writing placement test to determine the level of writing that best represents their skills. Depending on the results of the placement test, students may be required to take preparatory courses (English for Academic Discourse I, English for Academic Discourse II, and/or Basic Composition). These courses must be completed in advance of the Expository Writing (WC 101) Requirement. This means that many students take up to 4 semesters of English writing, which prepares them for graduate studies and careers in international industry and research. Students who are placed into EAD I are required to complete up to Expository Writing. Students who are placed into EAD II are required to complete up to Discipline-Based Writing and Communication.