Double-Degree Partnerships

What is a Double-Degree Program?

A 2+2 program offers a double bachelor degree from both Rutgers and one of several international partner institutions. Students in these double-degree programs complete the first two years of their bachelor degree at their home institution, followed by two years of study at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Upon completion of all requirements from both institutions, the student receives two bachelor degrees, one from each institution. Our programs offer students the uniquely beneficial opportunity to broaden their worldview and advance their scientific knowledge from two internationally-renowned institutions.

A 3+2 program offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor and a master degree within 5 years. Students spend their first 3 years of the program at their home institution followed by 2 years at the school. At the end of their studies they receive a bachelor's degree from their home institution and a master's degree from Rutgers.

A double Ph.D. program offers doctoral candidates the option of receiving a Ph.D. from their home institution as well as a Ph.D. from Rutgers. Candidates would complete the majority of their research and coursework at their home institution, then spend one to two years taking courses and doing research at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Additionally, students participating in the Double Ph.D. program are required to pass their qualifying examination at both Rutgers and the home institution. Due to the joint nature of the research, it is a requirement that students have established connections with partner university faculty, including a member from the partner university on their committee. Students from the school pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Biology are also eligible to participate in this program.

Why Rutgers? Why SEBS Double-Degree Programs?

  • You can get a degree from one of the top universities in the world.
  • You are in a better position to apply for graduate schools in the US.
  • You can have hands-on laboratories experience with one-on-one faculty advising.
  • You will have opportunities to present your research at professional forums and participate in honors programs.
  • You can plan a day trip to New Yok or Philadelphia while living in New Jersey.
  • As a double degree student, you will receive direct services catering to your needs from the Office of International Programs. Admissions process? Graduate school applications? Particular events or workshops? Tell us what you need. We are here to help you.


If your university and field of study appears on the list below, you are eligible to take part in one of these exciting opportunities. Additionally, all applicants must exhibit strong academics and proficiency in oral and written English. For information regarding application deadlines for double-degree students please contact our office. All prospective 2+2 students, please see the Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions website for a complete list of admissions requirements. For prospective 3+2 students and double Ph.D. students, please consult Graduate and Professional Admissions, as your applications will be processed through the New Brunswick School of Graduate Studies.


  • China Agricultural University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • Nanjing Agricultural University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Plant Biology and Pathology
  • South China University of Technology: Food Science, Environmental Sciences, and Bio-Technology


  • Tianjin University: Environmental Sciences
  • Zhejiang University: Environmental Sciences

Double Ph.D.

  • University of São Paulo: Plant Biology and Pathology