Study Abroad

As the world is growing smaller, universities, including Rutgers, are looking for opportunities to enhance cultural awareness and cross-cultural experiences for students. At the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, we are no different in our desire to participate in this internationalization effort and encourage students to explore the world through science.

Although the internet age can bring many parts of the world to us instantly on a computer screen or a telephone, the educational experience obtained with travel or study abroad is unique and unforgettable. Not only is there a special opportunity for culture and language exchange, all aspects of science and technology are being pursued and shared in a world that is steadily becoming smaller. It is a learning and living experience that can open our horizon and take us to exciting and enchanting locales.

The Office of International Programs has subsequently provided a list to help you find an appropriate international program that can enhance your studies and educational goals while at Rutgers. These organizations have experience in running international programs of high quality and reliability. Please click below for more details about study abroad programs available to STEM students.

  1. SEBS-Approved Programs
  2. RU Global Education
  3. Independent Study