First-Year Student Course Selection List

Fall 2018

The SEBS Core Curriculum establishes common goals that, along with a major and experience based education, prepares SEBS graduates for successful lives and careers based on a critical understanding of the natural environment, human behavior, and the individual's role in diverse societies. They prepare our students to be global citizens, creative problem solvers, and strong leaders. Progress in meeting the core is not measured in the number of classes completed, but in the range and number of goals achieved in courses specifically designed to meet Core goals.

There are four primary Areas of Focus under the Core:

  1. Contemporary Challenges (CC)
  2. Experience-Based Education (EBE)
  3. Areas of Inquiry (includes Natural Science (NS), Social Analysis (SCL), Historical Analysis (HST), Arts & Humanities (AH)
  4. Cognitive Skills & Processes - Writing & Communication (WCd), Quantitative & Formal Reasoning (QQ, QR), and Information Technology & Research (ITR)

Each of these has a set of goals outlining things students will be able to do upon graduating. The Core courses listed here are specially selected to get you started in meeting the goals of your Rutgers education.

Students will complete 128 credits (159 CREDITS FOR 5YR. BIOENV. ENG'G) which will include meeting the goals of the SEBS Core + a SEBS Major + experience based education in the field of study to meet the graduation requirements.

This is not a comprehensive list of general education courses that will fulfill the Rutgers SEBS School Core Requirements. These are the 100 and 200 level courses recommended for first-year students; 300 and 400 level are designed for Juniors and Seniors and do not appear here.

Course descriptions for all university courses can be found in the Rutgers–New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog.

Natural Sciences (NS) is fulfilled automatically for all students whose majors require both General Biology and Chemistry or Principles of Biology 103 and General Chemistry. Students will be automatically registered for these based on Rutgers Placement and Major Departmental Requirements. Majors not requiring these classes will take courses in two of the following areas - physical, biological or environmental science.

Cognitive Skills & Processes (QQ, QR, ITR) courses will be automatically registered based on Rutgers Placement Test and Major Departmental requirements.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Select four classes from the list and enter the course number (e.g., 11:374:101) and title (Intro to Human Ecology) on the Course Selection Form (CSF) under the core/elective courses section. If selecting a foreign language simply list the name of the language and either "no prior knowledge" or "placement by exam".
  2. Do not re-list any class that already appears in your "Faculty Recommended Classes" list.
  3. You will only be registered for four or five classes total—14–16 credits. Priority is given to major required, math, the writing class, then to special program courses, then to core/elective classes. You need to list extra classes in case a course is full or times conflict.

Recommended First-year Elective Courses

These courses fulfill areas of your SEBS Core Requirements.

Department Course Number Course Title Core Goal(s) Covered
Animal Science 11:067:142 Intro to Animal Science (3) [NS]
Ecology, Evolution, Nat'l Res 11:216:115 Evolution Sex & Gender in Animals (3) [CC, NS]
Economics 11:373:101 Economics, People, Env. (3) [CC, SCL – Econ]
Economics 11:373:121 Princ & Apps Microeconomics (3) [SCL – Econ]
Env. Policy Inst & Behaviors 11:374:101 Intro to Human Ecology (3) [CC, SCL]
Env. Policy Inst & Behaviors 11:374:175 Energy and Society (3) [CC, SCL]
Env. Policy Inst & Behaviors 11:374:279 Politics Environmental Issues (3) {CC, SCL – Gov]
Environmental Science 11:375:101 Intro to Environmental Science (3) [CC, NS]
Food Science 11:400:106 Food as Medicine (3) [NS]
Landscape Architecture 11:550:133 Architectural Design I (3) [AHr]
Landscape Architecture 11:550:230 Environmental Design Analysis (3) [CC, AHp]
Marine Science 11:628:120 Intro to Oceanography (3) [NS]
Marine Science 11:628:221 Human Interaction Coastal Ocean (3) [CC, NS]
Meteorology 11:670:101 Intro to Meteorology (3) [NS, ITR]
Microbiology 11:680:101 Living in the Microbial World (3) [CC, NS]
American Studies 01:050:101 Intro to American Studies (3) [AHp or AHo]
American Studies 01:050:228 The Contemporary American (3) [AHp, SCL]
American Studies 01:050:259 Popular Culture (3) [AHp or AHp]
Classics 01:190:206 Roman Civilization (3) [HST and AHp or AHo]
Classics 01:190:207 Greek & Roman Mythology (3) [AHp]
English: Creative Writing 01:351:211 Creative Writing (3) [AHr]
History, General/Comp 01:506:101 World History I (3) [HST]
History, American 01:512:103 Making of America: Colonization to Civil War (3) [HST]
International Studies 01:558:101 Global Awareness: Int'l & Global Stds (3) [CC]
Jewish Studies 01:563:201 Jewish Society & Culture I (3) [HST]
Latin American Studies 01:590:101 Latin America: An Introduction (3) [CC, HST, SCL]
Philosophy 01:730:101 Logic, Reasoning, and Persuasion (3) [AHo]
Political Science 01:790:101 Nature of Politics (3) [SCL – Gov]
Religion 01:840:101 Gods, Myths, Religions - Secular Age (3) [CC, AHo]
Sexualities Studies 01:888:290 Introduction to Critical Sexualities [CC]
Sociology 01:920:101 Introduction to Sociology (3) [CC, SCL]
Theater Arts 07:965:211 Theater Appreciation (3) [AHo or AHp]
Women's & Gender Studies 01:988:101 Intro to Gender, Race, and Sexuality (3) [CC]

Exploratory Courses

These courses may not fulfill areas of your SEBS Core requirements, but may be appropriate to take if you would like explore a new area of interest.

Department Course Number Course Title Core Goal(s) Covered
Africana Studies 01:014:103 Introduction to Africana Studies (3) Elective Credit
Agriculture & Food Systems 11:020:210 Intro to Agriculture & Food Systems (3) Major, Elective Credit
Communication & Info 04:189:101 Intro Communications & Info Processes (3) AHo, AHq, SCL
Communication & Info 04:189:102 Introduction to Media (3) Elective Credit
Education 11:300:101 Intro to Professional Youth Work (1) Elective Credit
Entomology 11:370:202 The World of Insects (3) Elective Credit
Marine Science 11:628:120 Intro. to Oceanography (3) NS - Env
Nutritional Sciences 11:709:101 Nutrition for Today (1) Elective Credit
Plant Science 11:776:211 Introduction to Horticulture (3) Major, Elective Credit
Policy, Health, and Admin. 10:775:101 Intro to Planning, Policy, & Health (3) SCL - Social/Cultural
Psychology 01:830:101 General Psychology (3) SCL - Social/Cultural
Public Health 10:832:201 Principles of Public Health (3) Major, QQ, SCL - Soc/Cult
Sexualities Studies 01:888:215 Introduction to Transgender Studies (3)  
Social Justice 01:904:201 Into to Social Justice (3) Elective Credit
Sociology 01:920:101 Introduction to Sociology (3) CC, SCL - Social/Cultural

Languages Taught at Rutgers

(List language name on course request form, then either "No prior knowledge" or "Placement by Exam".)

Courses below do not necessarily fulfill Core goals, but are encouraged.

Students with prior knowledge, who are seeking to continue studies in a language, must complete a Foreign Language Placement Exam. Students beginning a new language may begin at the elementary/first year level. No credit granted for elementary level language, if studied it two or more years in high school. Rutgers offers courses in the following modern foreign languages:

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Bengali
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • French
  • German
  • Greek (Modern)
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Manchu
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Turkish
  • Twi
  • Ukrainian
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese
  • Yiddish
  • Yoruba

Some languages at the Intermediate/Second Year level may count toward the Arts & Humanities (AHq) requirement. Check the SEBS Core List for a full listing of approved Intermediate level courses.