Core Requirements

The degree requirements include completion of courses in these areas:

  1. Contemporary Challenges (6 credits)
    1. Diversity and Social Inequalities (3 credits)
    2. Our Common Future (3 credits)
  2. Experience-Based Education (0–3 credits)
  3. Areas of Inquiry
    1. Natural Sciences (6 credits)
    2. Historical Analysis (3 credits)
    3. Social Analysis (3 credits) or Economic Analysis (3 credits)
    4. Social Analysis - Governance and Regulation Analysis (3 credits)
    5. Arts and Humanities (3 credits)
  4. Cognitive Skills and Processes
    1. Writing and Communication (6 credits)
    2. Quantitative and Formal Reasoning (6 credits)

In addition all students must complete Competence in a Major Field/Concentration, and a minimum of 120 degree credits (158 cr for 5-Yr. Bioenvironmental Engineering) total.

Disclaimer: The university reserves the right for any reason to cancel or modify any course or program listen herein. In addition, individual course offerings and programs may vary from year to year as circumstances dictate.