Honors Programs

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) students graduate from the school with honors on the basis of their final cumulative grade-point average. Three honors programs are available to our students:

  1. The SEBS General Honors Program provides highly motivated and promising students a challenging intellectual environment. Honors students participate in a four-year program that includes interdisciplinary seminars and a graduated introduction to research. Interested students first apply for admission to SEBS through the Office of University Undergraduate Admissions. Students who have been admitted and have indicated SEBS on the Rutgers University application form as their first or second choice among the colleges qualify for consideration. Invitations to the program are based on admissions ranking within the application year, considering SAT, class rank, cumulative average, and student activities.
  2. The George H. Cook Scholars Program is a senior honors thesis program. Students in the top 15 percent of the class are invited to participate in the fall of their junior year, so that they may plan or begin their work in the spring of their junior year. The program, however, is open to any interested student recommended by a faculty member at the school.
  3. Select academic departments also designate students within their programs as graduating with honors.

Independent study and special problems courses available throughout the curricula also provide individualized research opportunities for advanced students.