Senior Worksheets

Senior worksheets must be completed during the spring semester of your junior year.

Students should access Rutgers' Degree Navigator to check requirements.

The following forms must be returned to Martin Hall, Room 205 by the due date:

  1. Checklist and Verification of Meeting with Advisor (77k PDF)
    To avoid being blocked from registering for the fall semester, return this form even if you are changing your class year. The form is the same for all majors.
  2. Request to Update My Individual Program in Degree Navigator (153k PDF)
    This worksheet must be turned in if Rutgers Degree Navigator does not accurately reflect your remaining course work. The form is the same for all majors.
  3. Students in the following majors must declare a SEBS Minor or Certificate Program:
    • 192* Communication
    • 450* Geography
    • 567* Journalism and Media Studies
    Please check the Rutgers Undergraduate Catalog for SEBS Minor and Certificate Program requirements.

    If you have not already declared a SEBS minor or certificate program, you may do so at MyMajor SEBS.

    Students completing other majors offered at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) may elect to to complete a minor or certificate program. If you are not completing one of the above majors you do not need to complete a Minor/Certificate Declaration Form. You may use the link above to declare a minor or certificate program, if you wish to do so at this time.

Worksheets will be reviewed by departments for major requirements and by the Office of Academic Programs for College Requirements. Worksheets will be used to update individual student programs in Rutgers Degree Navigator prior to the start of their Senior year.

Juniors who fail to turn in completed Senior Worksheets by the due date will be blocked from pre-registering for Fall courses.

Students who will not graduate by their currently specified date may change their class year (graduation date) at MyMajor SEBS. Please note that you must also complete the checklist. Please note that students who change their class year in order to avoid turning in a Senior Worksheets will not be permitted to walk in the following May graduation ceremony.


*SEBS students electing to major in one of these programs of study, offered by other faculties in New Brunswick, also are required to complete a minor or certificate program offered by the faculty of SEBS.