Instructions for Using Degree Navigator

Rutgers Degree Navigator is an advising tool designed to help students make informed decisions regarding their academic progress, however, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an adviser to obtain clarification of their degree requirements. The Rutgers Degree Navigator report is not an official transcript of your academic record, nor does it constitute a contract between you and Rutgers The State University of New Jersey. Verification of college and degree requirements can only be certified by your academic advisor in conjunction with The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Office of Academic Programs.

Rutgers Degree Navigataor is currently being used to track graduation requirements for all majors offered exclusively by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Students should make sure that their Degree Navigator information in accurate.

Rutgers Degree Navigator may be accessed using your Net ID and password at the following website:

To access your degree requirements click the (+) sign listed under "My Program of Study" on the left side of the page. This will let you access "School of Environmental and Biological Sciences General Education Requirements" and your declared major(s) and minor requirements by clicking on any of the programs listed. Only programs that you have officially declared will be listed under "My Program of Study". Completed courses for which you have received a passing grade will have a check mark next to them. Courses you are currently registered for but have not yet passed will be designated by a green dot. If you do not receive satisfactory grades in the courses you are currently registered for, they will not fill degree requirements. Students should contact their academic advisor if they have questions about any requirements.

How to look at a combined degree program and determine remaining course requirements.

You can look at requirements for all of your declared programs in one report by following these instructions:

  1. On the left-hand side of the page under My Program of Study it will say "You are enrolled in (#) programs." The number of programs you are enrolled in will depend on the number of major(s) and or minors you have declared. College requirements will count as one program of study.
  2. Left click on "You are enrolled in (#) programs."
  3. In the center of the page you will see "All (or Final) Degree Requirements". Left click on the combined program below to look at all of your requirements. If you are a double major or have a minor you may be able to look at more than one combination. If you want to see all of your requirements make sure you choose the combination that includes all of your programs.
  4. Now you will be able to scroll through all of your requirements and determine which requirements are complete and which requirements still need to be filled.

If you are close to completing, you might find it helpful to run an "Audit-Incomplete Requirement Report" to do this:

  1. Toward the top center of the page you will see the following:

    To run Audit or see Program Description, select report type and click "Run Report" button:

  2. Click on the drop down menu to bring up:

  3. Click on "Run Report".
  4. This report will just show you requirements that still need to be completed.

How to use Rutgers Degree Navigator to check an option, major, or minor that you have not yet declared.

Rutgers Degree Navigator also has the ability to let you see how the courses you have taken or are currently registered for will fit into any program of study offered at Rutgers. This feature is very useful if you have not declared a major or if you want to see where your courses might fit in if you changed your option or major.

  1. To check requirements for a particular major left click on the "Search" function in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Left click on "Programs of Study"
  3. Type the name or the curriculum code of the program in which you are interested in the "Keyword" box.
    1. For example if you are interested in majoring in Biological Sciences type in either Biological Sciences or 119. Note that typing only Biology in the keyword box brings up Biology majors at Newark (NK) and Camden (CA) but not the New Brunswick (NB) campus Biology major since the New Brunswick major is Biological Science. Degree Navigator is now being used at throughout Rutgers University and includes degree programs on the Newark and Camden Campuses. Make sure you are aware of where majors/minors you look up in the Degree Navigator are being offered.
  4. Choose the major and option that you want to check and left click on that major/option combination. Make sure you are aware of Campus Codes. You will probably want to choose majors offered on the New Brunswick (NB) campuses and more specifically make sure that the major you want is available at School of Environmental and Biological Sciences College. Check page 280 or the Rutgers Undergraduate Catalog to determine which majors are available at School of Environmental and Biological Sciences College. If you do not want to complete a major offered at School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, a College to College transfer will be required.
  5. Once you click on a major and option (options are not required for all majors), Degree Navigator will tell you where courses you have already taken or are currently taking fit into the program. It will also tell you what courses you will need to complete the program.

The following majors are offered through other faculties in New Brunswick. These majors may not accurately reflect some additional areas that School of Environmental and Biological Sciences requires based on its mission and its professional status. Particular requirements that may not be included, or may only be viewable in the "Combined Program" for these majors, are: 1. Experience Based Education, 2. Quantitative Methods, 3. Professional Ethics. Please consult the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences portion of the Undergraduate Catalog to determine your major's requirement for these areas.

  • 117 Bioenvironmental Engineering
  • 119 Biological Sciences
  • 160 Chemistry
  • 192* Communication*
  • 377 Exercise Science & Sport Studies
  • 447 Genetics
  • 450* Geography*
  • 460 Geology
  • 567* Journalism and Media Studies*
  • 832 Public Health

Additionally, *All majors with an asterisk after the major require a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Minor or Certificate Program. Minor and Certificate Programs can be found here.

*For "Combined Programs" to work correctly in these majors you must have declared a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Minor Program. Certificate Programs don't currently work in Degree Navigator. Student in these majors should also consult the Rutgers SEBS portion of the Undergraduate catalog to determine all requirements.