Committee on Academic Planning and Review

External Review Self-Study

The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences was selected last year by the Rutgers Committee on Academic Planning and Review (CAPR) in consultation with Pres. Barchi for an external review. The process includes the development of a self-study and a site visit of distinguished academics from entities with missions similar to the school who serve as the external reviewers.

On November 28–30, our school will host the external review committee. The Self-Study that we have prepared to inform CAPR and the external review committee for its site visit can be viewed via the links on this page.

The review is only of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, though matters related to the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and its roles arise and are covered as they relate to the programs, faculty, and financing of the school.

As explained in the preface, the process used to prepare the self-study was participatory, comprehensive, and inclusive. There was a writing committee, comprised of the leadership team reporting to the Executive Dean. Extensive assistance was sought and provided by department chairs and various faculty and staff. Both chairs and a faculty reading committee provided review, edits, and corrections. The final document was created under the supervision of Laura Lawson, Dean of Agriculture and Urban Programs; Diana Orban Brown, Director of Alumni and Community Engagement; and support from the Division of Advancement.

The self-study was designed to be responsive to the Charge Letter provided to the external site visit team by the Committee on Academic Planning Review. The content and organization of the self-study is organized by topics requested in the charge.

I hope reading this self-study will make you as proud as it makes me to be part of such a great school in a great university.


Robert M. Goodman Distinguished Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
Executive Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Executive Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey