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Academic Advising

A dean advising a student.

At the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, students work with multiple advisors to plan how to achieve their academic interests and goals. New first-year students are assigned a first-year advisor, and all students are assigned a major advisor when they declare a major. Find your advisor here. General and major advisors are experts in different aspects of students' academic options.

Major Advisor

See your major advisor to discuss all aspects of the major program. Major advising topics might include:

  • Progress to graduation in the major
  • Choosing electives in the major
  • Course sequences
  • Experiential Learning opportunities
  • Special programs, research, internships
  • Career options and graduate programs

General Advisor

See a general advisor in the Office of Academic Programs in Martin Hall to discuss all broad aspects of your degree and academic progress. General advising topics might include:

  • Choosing a major
  • Declaring/changing major or graduation date
  • Discussing double majors, minors, and certificates
  • Progress to graduation in the Core Curriculum, credits, and GPA
  • Resources for academic support or academic difficulty
  • Discussing co-curricular programs like internships and study abroad
  • Career options and graduate programs

For general advising, call 848-932-3000 to schedule an appointment. An advising appointment is a one-on-one advising conversation about all aspects of academic planning. A scheduled appointment provides the advisor time to review the student's transcript and Degree Navigator and provides the student time to formulate questions and ideas to discuss with the advisor. Plan to make a list of questions to ask the advisor.

Have an Immediate Question or Problem?

Connect with advising staff through our online chat link on the bottom right of this page any time the office is open to ask quick questions of the Reference Dean. These questions would generally require a few minutes. They may include any immediate issues that need a timely response or general topics like the following:

  • Questions about adding/dropping courses within deadlines
  • Questions about Degree Navigator and how requirements are displayed
  • General policy questions
  • How to transfer credits
  • Weighing taking a semester off
  • Getting help with forms