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Vision, Mission, and Values

The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences is guided by principles that are reflected in its Vision, Mission, and Values statements:


A Healthy and Sustainable Future That Balances the Wellbeing of All Living Organisms with the Health of the Earth

The existential challenges of our time, including climate change, mass extinction, resource sustainability, food security, human population growth, and social and environmental injustices are profoundly affecting the future of the earth and its inhabitants.  Accordingly, SEBS aspirational vision is to be a global leader in assessing and solving these challenges, and in training the next generation of residents and scholars who will carry out this important work.  This vision thus guides our mission…


Creating, Disseminating, and Implementing Solutions to Achieve a Healthy and Sustainable Future through Research, Education, Entrepreneurship, Outreach, and Engagement

Our mission is to pursue excellence in research, teaching, entrepreneurship, outreach, and engagement in areas of study that address the biological spectrum from microorganisms to ecosystems, the physical and chemical environment, and the integration of natural sciences with human and societal dimensions.  We pursue this mission cognizant and respectful of diverse human communities and cultural contexts that shape environmental impacts and solutions around the world.  We also emphasize both theoretical understanding and practical applications of that understanding so that our community – faculty, students, staff, and alumni – are prepared to address and implement solutions to meet our current and future challenges.

Importantly, achieving our vision and meeting our mission are guided by our shared values…


Access, Excellence, and Relevance

As one of the largest schools within Rutgers University, SEBS has major responsibility to provide accessible, excellent and relevant scholarship, education, outreach, and engagement to all people, both within and outside New Jersey.  SEBS has an intimate and communal campus feel, conducive to learning and collaboration.  These values are based on principles and standards that further motivate our endeavors:


SEBS highly values diversity and New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the country.  Accordingly, SEBS strives to be inclusive of all individuals regardless of race/color, national origin/ancestry, religion, age, sex/gender identity and expression, disability, genetic information, marital status, economic status, and veteran or military-affiliated status.  In this regard, we aim to promote participation and to be respectful of all communities.


The pursuit of knowledge is grounded in contributions that reflect diverse perspectives and experiences.  Within our scholarship and education, SEBS strives to achieve the highest standards in a manner that is innovative, interdisciplinary, and translational.


SEBS strives to anticipate coming challenges, and thus be at the forefront of providing a healthy, sustainable, and just future for all living beings on the earth.