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The grow@SEBS program is a student engagement platform to help School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) undergraduates explore the G. H. Cook campus and engage in the community by participating in the many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available at our school. In the process of earning Grow Points, you will gain competencies that will enrich your educational experience at SEBS and enhance your competitiveness, after graduation, with employers, scholarship committees, and institutions of higher education who look for well-rounded students when selecting candidates.

The Grow Points are intended to make your campus engagement a fun experience by gamifying the exploration of a wide variety of activities. For each engagement activity, you will earn points to win prizes, including SEBS swag and gift cards. Some of your classes, like Academic Mentoring, will be using the Grow Points platform as part of your class assignments to help you make a strong transition to SEBS.

Accordion Content

  • Watch the Getting Started video

    1. Go to the app store, search for Suitable, and download the app, or click on the appropriate link below. Sign in with your email address, which will bring you to the CAS log-in screen.
      Get it on Google Play.

      QR code to get the Suitable app on Google Play.

      Download on the App Store.

      QR code to get the Suitable app on the Apple App Store.
    2. Enable Push Notifications and access to the camera. You need to allow the camera access so that you can scan the QR code at events and earn points. Finish setting up your account.
    3. To upload a profile photo, click the gear icon in the top right corner and click on "Scorecard."
    4. Earn your first 10 points by finding the task "Download the Suitable app and earn 10 points!" Swipe right and press "Complete and claim your points."

    Congratulations you've now earned your first 10 points!

    If you are unable to access the app, you can also visit the website (log-in is the same).

  • SEBS Spirit

    Welcome to the SEBS Family! This competency features activities that introduce you to our campus and community and showcase the spirit and pride you should feel as a SEBS student. From engaging with SEBS and our departments on social media to participating in school-wide events, this competency will foster a sense of community and commitment and strengthen bonds between you, your peers, and our community.

    Academic Success and Major Exploration

    Chart your path! Activities in this competency focus on helping you hone your academic skills, identify and utilize academic success resources on campus, and encourage your major exploration and identification. You'll be introduced to the array of majors offered at SEBS and the many connected career tracks you may consider. You will get to explore the amazing breadth of life science and social science research being conducted at SEBS and learn about available undergraduate research opportunities.

    Career and Professional Development

    Your future is bright! This competency features opportunities that will advance your hard and soft skills and enhance your image and employability in the future. From career fairs to crafting your resume, this competency encourages you to learn more about career opportunities and engage in internship and career planning through workshops, alumni outreach, and internship and externship opportunities.

    Diversity, Inclusion, Civic, and Global Engagement

    Rutgers is one of the most diverse universities in the country/world! Explore the abundance of opportunities to connect with inclusive practices in culture and language, understand issues of social justice and the importance of allyship and inclusivity, and become part of our beloved community!

    Leadership Skills and Teamwork

    Working as a team and developing leadership skills are critical competencies for your academic success at Rutgers and your future. Activities in this competency will help you identify and engage with team projects as well as chart your path to leadership opportunities. These activities can be the foundation for developing a co-curricular transcript that demonstrates your leadership skills to be shared with future employers and professional schools.

  • You can earn points by attending an event or completing a task. The number of points you can earn per event or task varies. The higher the level and number of competencies, the more it is worth.

    A screen shot of the Grow@SEBS program mobile app showing your Dashboard.
    A screen shot of the Grow@SEBS program mobile app showing your Upcoming Activities.


    Activity Level 1 2 3 4 5
    Points per Competency 10 20 50 75 150

    For example, a Level 3 event with one competency is worth 50 points and a Level 2 event with three competencies is worth 60 points.

  • Tasks

    Tasks range from simple things such as following SEBS on social media or joining a club to more complex tasks, including becoming an executive of a club or starting your own club.


    Activities include attending events sponsored by clubs and other SEBS departments. All SEBS clubs can submit their events into the grow@SEBS program for approval, however, an event must already be approved and posted in the Grow Points app to be eligible for points.

    Retroactive submission of events is not allowed, and those points will be forfeited. If you think an event by your club should be on Grow Points and is not, check with the club's E-board.


    Complete important surveys from SEBS to earn points (e.g., Employment Outcome Survey, SEBS Experience Survey, etc.)

  • Faculty, staff, and students can submit activities for their club or their department to be included on the Grow Points platform.

    Activity Submission Form

  • Prizes are earned by students who complete 100 points and beyond on the Grow Points app. You can keep track of where you are in the running through the mobile app or desktop version of the platform.

    Prizes may include tickets to events; gift cards to Starbucks, RU Cinema, Dunkin, Qdoba, etc.; or SEBS swag like t-shirts, notepads, mugs, hats, etc. These prizes are available at the SEBS Office of Academic Programs in Martin Hall upon completion of point totals.

    Leaderboard shout-outs will also be posted monthly to the digital boards at SEBS.

    End of Semester Prizes

    The top point earners in the Grow Points app for the semester will be invited to a luncheon with the SEBS Deans and receive a certificate recognizing your achievement as well as an exclusive SEBS hoodie.


Email with any questions about the grow@SEBS program.

Contact for technical support.