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Information for Seniors


There are three times in the calendar year when SEBS students can graduate:

  1. May Graduation after Spring Semester
  2. August Graduation After Summer Session:
    In order for students with August graduation to participate in the May graduation ceremony, they must have 12 or less credits remaining to graduate AND they must sign up to take those credits over the summer. If students register for courses outside of Rutgers, the courses must be pre-approved and students must show proof of registration. Up to 12 of the last 42 credits may be completed outside of Rutgers.
  3. January Graduation After Fall Semester:
    Student graduating in January (finishing courses in the fall semester) are eligible to participate in the May graduation ceremony following their graduation. They may not participate in the graduation prior to graduating.

Graduation Honors

Honors at graduation is determined by a student’s final cumulative GPA and is recognized at the SEBS Convocation ceremony and noted on the diploma and official transcript.

  • 4.000 – 3.850: Summa Cum Laude
  • 3.849 – 3.700: Magna Cum Laude
  • 3.699 - 3.500: Cum Laude

Graduation Checklist

  • Check MyMajor to ensure your graduation date is correct.
  • Check Degree Navigator to ensure any edits from your Senior Worksheet have been included. Review your degree requirements. Check your "Combined Program" for credit totals and possible additional requirements.
  • Visit your major/minor departments to verify your progress toward completion of requirements.
  • Check your online transcript for credits and GPA. You must have 120 credits (128 credits for students following the Fall 2015 or earlier SEBS Core) and a 2.00 or higher GPA to graduate. See an academic advisor if this is questionable.
  • Complete a Diploma Application (check your Rutgers email for link and due dates)

Completing Graduation Requirements Outside of Rutgers

If you are finishing graduation requirements at a school outside of Rutgers, email and fill out and submit a paper copy of the Diploma Application to the Registar's Office.