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A student and a calf in a barn.

Beyond the Classroom

On campus and off, we have a long history of programs and activities that connect to and take you beyond the classroom. You can connect your classroom experience to real-world issues through Science Cafés, department seminars, lunch and learn with faculty and staff, internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

Beyond the classroom, we offer a wide range of programs and activities: on-campus living labs, research laboratories, farms, greenhouses, gardens, living-learning communities, a historic herbarium, and an entomology museum are at your fingertips. And Just a stone's throw from the campus are Rutgers Gardens, the Rutgers Ecological Preserve, the Raritan River, and Hucheson Memorial Forest (one of the last uncut forests in the Mid-Atlantic). Our research field stations dot the state, and our extension offices engage urban, suburban, and rural communities through an array of programs. Through our study-abroad program, the world is your classroom.

Look around and discover something new and exciting on the George H. Cook Campus: learn something new, share your passion, enhance your career, engage with the community, or just have fun!

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I can say without a doubt that being a marine science major at Rutgers changed my life. I have been able to travel to the Cayman Islands to study coral conservation, study the phytoplankton in Antarctica , and look at zooplankton skeletons to track climate change.”

— Christina M.

Headshot of Christina M..