Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The Office of the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources sets the strategic direction and vision for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. It leads efforts to advance the mission and vision of both units, while playing an integral role within Rutgers University leadership. Leadership areas within the Office of the Executive Dean include Academic Personnel, Alumni and Community Engagement, Communications and Marketing, Financial and Business Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships, and Planning and Budgets

Office of Academic Programs

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Encompasses all undergraduate and graduate academic programs and activity at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences which includes course and curriculum oversight, faculty forums, student advising, registration, admissions, recruitment, degree certifications, academic success initiatives, and oversight of all budget matters as it relates to teaching.

Honors Programs


Entering students are recruited from high school to participate in this four year program. The General Honors Program consists of first-term honors courses, honors seminars in the spring term of the first and second years, and graduated research projects beginning in the second term or year and typically culminating in a George H. Cook Scholars project senior year.

Program in Science Learning


School of Environmental and Biological Science students have the opportunity to participate in a program that may lead to certification as a teacher by the State of New Jersey. The Teacher Education program is also available as a minor course of study for SEBS students. This minor is a prerequisite or "gateway" to a fifth year of study in the university's Graduate School of Education, which culminates in a master's degree with New Jersey certification as a teacher of science or agriculture.

Educational Opportunity Fund


The Educational Opportunity Fund develops the academic potential of economically and educationally disadvantaged students from the Abbott School districts of New Jersey.

Student to Professional Internship Network (SPIN)


The Student to Professional Internship Network affords students the opportunity to gain experience related to their course of study or career interests while earning academic credits to fulfill their SEBS experience-based education requirement. Credits are earned through the completion of academic assignments while the student is engaged in part-time or full-time work experience within business, industry, government or non-profit organizations.

Agricultural and Urban Programs


This office oversees curricula and programs related to undergraduate agricultural education at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The new agriculture and food systems major aims to appeal to those who are interested in an entrepreneurial and innovative education in the agricultural sciences. The major will target students who seek careers in agricultural education and extension, government service, and agribusiness as well as those preparing to be an owner/operator of a farming enterprise. Areas of focus will include controlled-environment agriculture, agricultural policy and entrepreneurship, energy efficiency, and niche agriculture, including agro-tourism, community-supported agriculture, and sustainable agriculture.

International Programs


Many of our faculty have extensive and longstanding collaborations with international partners. These partnerships have provided new avenues for research and scholarship. A recent survey shows that our faculty are engaged in research activities that circle the globe--from the Arctic tundra to the tip of Cape Horn. Opportunities to engage in international activities are steadily increasing for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. Through this office we hope to enhance and facilitate these opportunities for our community.

Rutgers Gardens


The Rutgers Gardens is a world of flowering trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials that is located right in the heart of New Jersey on the George H. Cook Campus at Rutgers University. Encompassing over 50 acres, the gardens offer plants, events, and opportunities for all.