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Student Organizations & Programs

Student talking to a woman.
Students on bridge over stream.
Student with a dervice dog.

College life extends well beyond the classroom door. On the Rutgers–New Brunswick campus, hundreds organizations and clubs await students looking to further their career interests, explore a new activity, get some exercise, observe their religion, serve their community, develop news skills or insights, interface with nature, meet students with similar interests, or hang out with puppies. There are also SEBS-based opportunities like the SEBS Governing Council, Students for Environmental Awareness, and the Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club.

The SEBS-based student organizations below are just some of the many groups available to students. A complete list is available on the Student Life website.


The Rutgers Undergraduate Food Science Club has made a huge impact on my SEBS career. I connected with many successful professionals in the food science industry to help discover the perfect career after graduation.”

— Jasmine M.

Headshot of Jasmine M..