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Meet Our Team

Thomas Leustek headshot.

Thomas Leustek
Dean of Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Leustek is responsible for all undergraduate programs, budget, and general administration for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. He is also responsible for the administrative aspects of undergraduate education at SEBS, including course and curriculum revisions, teaching assistant and part-time lecturer allocations, articulations with New Jersey community colleges, and assessment of school academic programs.

Latisha Crubaugh headshot.

Latisha Crubaugh
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Crubaugh provides administrative support to the dean of academic programs and serves as departmental administrator. She coordinates the SEBS Convocation, Baccalaureate, First-Year Student Induction Ceremony, and the Annual Excellence Awards.

Advising and Academic Services

Julie Traxler headshot.

Julie Traxler
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Traxler is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Academic Services component of the Office of Academic Programs. This encompasses advising, registration, admissions, recruitment, scholastic standing, degree certification/graduation and all areas related to academic policies, procedures and programs.

Daaimah Etheridge headshot.

Daaimah Etheridge
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Etheridge is responsible for the coordination of transfer student programs, including the evaluation of transcripts, course registration, and advising. She oversees the coordination of syllabi review for transfer and provides general advising.

Evelyn Hanna headshot.

Evelyn Hanna
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Hanna is responsible for coordinating activities to support SEBS juniors and seniors in their academic, graduation, and career planning. She oversees the tracking and certifying of students' graduation status in conjunction with academic departments for the January, May, and August graduation cycles. She is a general advisor and works with students to promote career exploration and post-graduation planning.

Carl Leikhram headshot.

Carl Leikhram
Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Advising
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Leikhram is responsible for the design and implementation of all recruitment activities for SEBS, including overseeing the SEBS Student Ambassador program. He also serves as a general advisor, particularly to international and out-of-state students.

Liaan Pechera headshot.

Liaan Pechera
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Pechera is responsible for coordinating the School-to-School transfer process and advising incoming students from other Rutgers units. She focuses on all electronic and online initiatives, overseeing systems such as MyMajor, and serves as a general advisor.

Sharice Richardson headshot.

Sharice Richardson
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Richardson is responsible for the coordination of all first-year student academic programs, advising, and registration. Dean Richardson evaluates first year transcripts from other institutions as well as international baccalaureate, advanced placement, and A-level exam credits.

Joseph Ventola headshot.

Joseph Ventola
Assistant Dean
Martin Hall, Room 109

Dean Ventola is responsible for providing academic and career advising for all Rutgers students majoring in biological sciences. He directs the SEBS Scholarship Program and is the primary scholarship liaison for scholarships to other Rutgers offices.

Romal Vaidya headshot.

Romal Vaidya
Coordinator of Academic Services and Student Records
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Vaidya is responsible for the maintenance of student academic records, coordination of registration, first year student selection of major processes, and provides general advising for SEBS students.

Caroline Coogan headshot.

Caroline Coogan
Program Coordinator
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Coogan provides administrative support to the associate dean of academic programs. She coordinates scholastic standing, reenrollment and School-to-School transfer processes in addition to providing general advising for first-year students.

Alanna Menoutis headshot.

Alanna Menoutis
Administrative Assistant
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Menoutis provides administrative support to the assistant dean of transfer student programs. She triages student calls and walk-ins to the office as well as processes transcripts, syllabi review, and other department forms.

Team Leads

Xenia K. Morin headshot.

Xenia K. Morin
Senior Associate Dean for Learning
IFNH, Room Suite 220

Dean Morin undertakes special projects related to curriculum innovation and resource mobilization to enhance academic programs as well as enhancing faculty and staff training and development and the graduate student experience.

Mary Nucci headshot.

Mary Nucci
Assistant Dean for Campus Engagement
Cook Office Bldg., Room 227

Dean Nucci is responsible for leading school co-curricular activities and generating school-wide engagement among faculty, students, and staff. She coordinates existing programs, such as the SEBS Science Cafes, the fall research mixer, and alternative science career programming, develops new programs that support the SEBS community, and provides active collaboration with other SEBS and Rutgers organizations seeking to build our campus learning community.

Kristen Goodrich headshot.

Kristen Goodrich
Career Management Specialist
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Goodrich is responsible for identifying and cultivating relationships with internal partners and external organizations to develop internship opportunities for undergraduate students, to enhance experiential learning opportunities and programming to increase career readiness, student retention, and recruitment.

Kristen Lester headshot.

Kristen Lester
Senior Program Coordinator, Student to Professional Internship Network
Martin Hall, Room 109

Ms. Lester is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the SEBS Student to Professional Internship Network (SPIN) program. She also manages employer services, maintaining and expanding the program's network of employers.

Program Leads

Christina Kaunzinger headshot.

Christina Kaunzinger
Faculty Coordinator, Living Labs
Blake Hall, Room 100

Dr. Kaunzinger is an assistant research professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and is leading efforts to promote the Cook/Douglass campus as a learning laboratory and model of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Suzanne Sukhdeo headshot.

Suzanne Sukhdeo
Coordinator, Student Success Initiative
Bartlett Hall, Room 217

Dr. Sukhdeo is responsible for analysis and strategic planning for student retention. She sits on the Academic Retention Committee and the Rutgers-wide Student Success Committee.