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Learning Farms & Preserves

Student in flowerbed.
Student and professor measuring tree diameter.
Student Farm.

The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences includes a diverse array of farms, forests, and preserves where faculty and students can teach, conduct research, and engage in public outreach.

  1. Rutgers Gardens
  2. Student Farm at Rutgers Gardens
  3. Rutgers Ecological Preserve
  4. Chrysler Herbarium and Mycological Collection
  5. Floriculture Greenhouse
  6. Hutcheson Memorial Forest

As part of our commitment to experienced-based education, we are transforming the George H. Cook Campus into a living lab. Through courses and student clubs, we are re-envisioning various sites on campus as places to experiment and experience green infrastructure, habitat creation, and food production. To find out more, visit our Living Labs website.

In addition to these sites, our school has strong linkages with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, which has offices and research sites across the state.