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Helyar House

Two students standing in front of Helyar House.

Helyar House is a cooperative living community located on the George H. Cook campus. A unique alternative to traditional residence halls, for over 50 years, Helyar House has been a community where students live together, learn together, and work together. Helyar House is supervised and staffed by a Rutgers resident counselor and students abide by the rules and regulations of Rutgers housing.

At its heart, it's a community that provides a family environment in which its members are responsible for self-governance. Each house member—first-year through senior—works hand-in-hand to achieve common goals which provides them with a strong foundation of self-reliance as well as excellent social interaction and leadership opportunities.

Residents work together through challenges that students encounter in cooperative living. Helyar House residents, which number about 40, plan, purchase the ingredients for, prepare, serve, and clean up after their own meals. They work cooperatively to provide proper upkeep of Helyar House. Just a few hours each week covers the cooperative living student crew responsibilities. In doing so, they solve their own problems and learn many critical leadership, interpersonal and life skills. Helyar students become a family with support and care for their fellow house members.


What helped me really solidify my place at this university, though, was my admittance to both SEBS EOF and Helyar House. These places both gave me a home base to run back to and guidance to help me move forward.”

— Angely M.

Headshot of Angely M..