Plant Biology Graduate Program

Program Info

The faculty offers a comprehensive program of study and research and provides the opportunity to specialize in most fields of plant biology. Research in Plant Biology can range from practical problems as disease prevention in turf grass to understanding DNA packaging in the nucleus. Greenhouse and research facilities and equipment are extensive. Fieldwork may be performed in any of several experiment stations, farms, or research stations, as well as in a nearby primeval forest ecosystem, old field and ancient habitats. A seminar series of invited scientists provides rich opportunities for students during graduate study.

The Plant Biology Graduate Student Association CROPS (Cook Researchers of Plant Biology) purpose is to enhance faculty-student relationships within the program, improve the camaraderie and unity among the Plant Biology graduate students, provide advice and support among the graduate students of the program regarding graduate student issues. They also organize social activities such as field trips and Friday afternoon lunches/ happy hours, for the purpose of enabling students and faculty to interact in more casual environments.