Course Schedules

Schedules for first-year students are constructed by the SEBS Office of Academic Programs during the summer based on the student's Rutgers Placement Test results, any approved Advanced Placement or transfer credit, and the course selection form handed in to their first-year adviser at the end of the Academic Advising Day. Schedules are available on, typically in the third week of August.

Note: In order for a student to take General Biology 101 they must place in Expository Writing 101 and Precalculus (111 or 115). For a student to take Chemistry 161 they must place in Calculus or be taking Pre-calculus (111 or 115) when registered for Chemistry. Students who place remedially for math may take approved summer classes at an accredited school. Rutgers Placement scores are available in the Admissions Enrollment Pathway two weeks after the tests are completed. All SEBS students must minimally complete the equivalent of Intermediate Algebra (01:640:026) prior to being approved for graduation. Each SEBS major/program sets the quantitative requirements for their degree.

If you have a problem with your first year schedule (i.e., time conflict, too few or too many credits), or competed summer courses or AP credits that will change your Fall schedule, please come to the Office of Academic Programs, Martin Hall 2nd Floor, for a correction. All other schedule changes should be completed by students via the Rutgers Web Registration System (WebReg)during the first week of classes.