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Pre-Senior Worksheet Review Process

Due Date: March 12, 2021

MEMO TO: Class of 2022

FROM: Penny Carlson, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Students in the graduating Class of 2022 complete the Pre-Senior Worksheet process in the spring of junior year to ensure that they are making good progress toward graduation. The purpose of the Pre-Senior Worksheet is to confirm that all degree information is accurately displaying in Degree Navigator.

The Pre-Senior Worksheet must be completed with your major advisor and submitted by March 12, 2021, or Fall 2021 registration will be blocked.

Instructions for Completing Your Pre-Senior Worksheet

  1. Review your Rutgers transcript and the Pre-Senior Worksheet (155k PDF).
  2. Use Rutgers Degree Navigator to check your requirements. Make sure you access your combined program in Degree Navigator in the portion that lists "All (or Final) Degree Requirements"
    Review Instructions for using Degree Navigator.
  3. Check carefully that DN accurately reflects your remaining coursework. Any course substitutions or waivers that do not show up on DN must be listed on the Pre-Senior Worksheet. Change any inaccurate majors/minors/options at
  4. Meet with your major advisor to review your progress and the worksheet. The advisor will submit the worksheet online after your meeting.
  5. Any adjustments to Degree Navigator will be updated prior to Fall 2021 registration.
  6. If you have any additional questions, particularly about your Core requirements or degree credits for graduation, please make an appointment with an Academic Programs advisor at 848-932-3000.

It is your responsibility to make sure that courses you intend to take will be offered and will fill the requirements you list.

Special Notes

  • A minimum of 120 credits are required to graduate (128 credits for students following the Fall 2015 or earlier SEBS Core). Credits for repeated courses with a passing grade cannot be counted twice. If credit totals in Degree Navigator do not agree with your Rutgers transcript, check for duplicate coursework or see an advisor at Academic Programs. "E" credit courses do NOT count toward Degree credits.
  • To declare Biological Sciences, Public Health, or Exercise Science, you must meet departmental requirements.
  • You can make changes to your graduation date, your major, and minor/certificate programs at
  • You may participate in the May 2022 ceremonies if you have 12 or fewer credits that will be completed in Summer Session 2022. You must complete your Pre-Senior Worksheet and change your graduation date to August 2022 at the link directly above.
  • 30 of your last 42 credits must be completed at Rutgers University.


Students who do not complete the Pre-Senior Worksheets by March 12, 2021 will not be considered for graduation 2022 and will be blocked from registering for the Fall 2021 semester!