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Steering Committee

  • Chair: Josh Miller (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Wendie Cohick (Animal Sciences)
  • Wolfram Hoefer (Landscape Architecture)
  • Oscar Schofield (Marine & Coastal Sciences)

Undergraduate Education

  • Chair: Wolfram Hoefer (Landscape Architecture)
  • Malcolm Watford (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Chitra Ponnusamy (Food Science)
  • Siobain Duffy (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources)
  • Aparna Zama (Animal Sciences)
  • Ines Rauschenbach (Biochemistry & Microbiology)

Graduate Education

  • Chair: Wendie Cohick (Animal Sciences)
  • Gerben Zylstra (Biochemistry & Microbiology)
  • Ben Lintner (Environmental Sciences)
  • Don Schaffner (Food Science)
  • Annette Freytag (Landscape Architecture)
  • Yanhong Jin (Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics)


  • Chair: Oscar Schofield (Marine & Coastal Sciences)
  • Gal Hochman (Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics)
  • Rachel Shwom (Human Ecology)
  • Troy Roepke (Animal Sciences)
  • Gedi Mainelis (Environmental Sciences)
  • George Hamilton (Entomology)

Extension and Outreach

  • Chairs: Nicholas Polanin (Agriculture and Natural Resources), Rachel Lyons (4-H Youth Development)
  • Sherri Cirignano (Family and Community Health Sciences)
  • Nurgul Fitzgerald (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Richard Alomar (Landscape Architecture)
  • Karen Ensle (Family and Community Health Sciences)
  • Marycarmen Kunicki (4-H Youth Development)

Dept. Organization & Structure

  • Chair: Josh Miller (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Jim Miller (Marine & Coastal Sciences)
  • Anne Nielsen (Entomology)
  • Karl Matthews (Food Science)
  • Barbara O’Neill (Department Organization and Structure)
  • Max Haggblom (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

Administrative Organization & Function

  • Chair: Tony Broccoli (Environmental Sciences)
  • Lucy Lettini (Marine & Coastal Sciences)
  • Carol Bagnell (Animal Sciences)
  • Paul Elwood (Vice Dean for Administration, Assoc. Dean of Academic Personnel)
  • Laura Lawson (Professor, Dean of Academic Programs)
  • Peter Oudemans (Plant Biology)