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Strategic Goals

Closeup of Landscape architectural rendering.

The first phase of the SEBS strategic planning process is to identify our goals and aspirations for the next five years and beyond.  Six primary goals are identified that focus on 1) faculty, 2) students, 3) infrastructure, 4) outreach and engagement, 5) alumni, community, and industry partnerships, and 6) global engagement.  The interrelationships among these goals are depicted in Figure 2.  Importantly, the different goals are not considered in isolation, but as interdependent.  For example, while faculty excellence affects the student experience, faculty excellence also is enhanced by a diverse and engaged student body.  Likewise, engagement with alumni, communities, and industry on local, national, and global levels enhances faculty excellence and the student experience.  Improving infrastructure supports all the other goals. 


Each strategic goal is contextualized below by its core focus and aspirational intent.  Each goal will serve as a basis to develop initiatives that evolve from discussions within the SEBS community among its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

The goals and the initiatives that arise from them will serve as guidelines for the SEBS Community and the new leadership of the School and the University as we move into the implementation phase of the Plan (see Plan Implementation section).  This is deliberate.  The Plan is considered to be a living document, in which goals and initiatives can be developed and modified as they are considered for advancement based on the collective inspiration of the faculty, students, staff, and administration, and the availability of resources.

A. Goal #1:

Advance interdisciplinary research that promotes health and wellness, global sustainability, social justice and ethical governance in the face of a changing planet.

  1. Core Focus: Promoting Faculty Excellence and Impactful Research
  2. Aspiration: Substantially influence the sustainable health of our planet and its inhabitants through innovative scholarship and transformational educational experiences.

B. Goal #2:

Educate and train the next generation of educators, scientists and leaders who will advance and foster our vision for a healthy and sustainable future.

  1. Core Focus: Enhancing the Student Experience
  2. Aspiration: To ensure that SEBS undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs are world-class in knowledge, synthesis, and hands-on experience.

C. Goal #3:

Facilitate and promote hands-on, experience-based research and education by investing in state-of-the-art classrooms, research facilities and living laboratories.

  1. Core Focus: Improving Infrastructure.
  2. Aspiration: To provide a modern infrastructure that facilitates innovation, creativity, and inspiration for our hands-on research and education. 

D. Goal #4:

Expand our leadership role in communicating and implementing the Rutgers 21st century land-grant mission to transform the lives of New Jersey residents and beyond.

  1. Core Focus: Enhancing Outreach and Engagement
  2. Aspiration: To improve overall quality of life for all New Jersey residents and beyond through the dissemination and application of evidence-based knowledge.

E. Goal #5:

Promote engagement of alumni, community, government, and industry partners to advance our vision and mission.

  1. Core Focus: Promoting Alumni, Community, and Industry Partnerships
  2. Aspiration: To be a life-long source of inspiration, pride, and resources for our alumni, state-wide communities, state government, and industry partners.

F. Goal #6:

Build global inclusivity across the School through engaged research, learning, and community engagement by promoting international experiences, grants, partnerships, and engagement supportive of the SEBS core mission of a healthy and sustainable future.

  1. Core Focus: Expanding Global Engagement
  2. Aspiration: Provide internationally focused learning, research, and engagement across the SEBS community including faculty, students, staff, and alumni.